PSC teams up with other entities to provide specialized services. Two active strategic alliances are:

With Aspon Consulting for Sustainability and Sustainability Reporting

Aspon Consulting is a leading management consultancy located in Cyprus. The company provides services related to Business Plans and Financing Support, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Management, Environmental Management and Resource Efficiency, European Programs and Grants and Training, on a range of subject matters. Aspon consulting has also developed a bespoke piece of web-based software – the 7 Toolkit – to evaluate any organisation, supply chain, subsidiaries and/or members on sustainability and related risks and help them improve their performance. The company cooperates closely with CSR Company International which is one of the leading CSR-consulting firms worldwide, with offices in over 40 countries. Aspon consulting’s partnership covers the regions of Cyprus, Greece and other Eastern Mediterranean countries and enables us to offer to clients, world-class services and expertise in the area of CSR. 

For more information, please visit Aspon consulting at and CSR Company International at

With geevo® (part of CP Bros Group) for Data Protection and GDPR services

geevo® is member of CPbros Group, a Management Consulting Group and its mission is to provide deep domain expertise along with vast business strategy and governance experience. geevo® provide businesses with the flexibility they need, be it advisory, end-to-end delivery or team scale.   

This group of companies provide a range of services in the fields of:   
Data Privacy & Information Security
Business Transformation
Information Technology Transformation
Human Capital Transformation   

For more information, please visit geevo® at and CPbros Group at

More partnerships are developed and can be developed on an as-needed basis, according to the requirements of specific projects.



International Waste Consulting

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Sustainability Consulting

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Data Protection

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Training - Seminars

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Co-funded Programs

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Communication – Sensitisation

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