Sustainability of supply chains is a major challenge for today’s organizations around the globe. For many, we are far away from achieving sustainability and instead we are just scratching the surface of the challenge. To them, the steps taken already are insufficient and are just making unsustainable supply chains a little less unsustainable, but definitely not sustainable. For others, there is a great confusion between sustainability measures and corporate philanthropy. For some others, their aim is achieved when they develop and deliver a fancy corporate Sustainability or CSR report.


Whichever stage of the above you are as an organization, you have in front of you the challenge to develop a CSR or Sustainability Strategy and integrate it in your overall corporate strategy. You need to actually decide what is important, what is material to your stakeholders and strategize to achieve the expected outcomes. In the meantime, you need to decide who are your stakeholders and how to reach them and engage them. Sustainability is not a lonely road. It is a common road with those who matter to your organization. At the end of the day, you are looking to ensure a sustainable social license to operate by the society surrounding you and your organization.


At PSC we are very well suited to support you to successfully tackle these challenges. We can actively assist you and coach you to: 

  • Develop a Sustainability or CSR strategy
  • Engage in the implementation ISO 26000, the ISO guidance standard for Social Responsibility
  • Perform Social Audits to assure that your chosen actions have the intended outcome


Successful Sustainability Strategies are two-folded. You need to build your sustainability pathway and navigate through it, and then you need to honestly tell your stakeholders how you did in this effort. Sustainability reporting is not a glamorous wrap of a poor or poorly implemented strategy. Reporting is storytelling, and good sustainability reporting is a good story, well said. At PSC we have what it takes to assist you to tell a good story to your stakeholders, the way you choose to tell it (or is most proper for you). We can assist you in:

Preparing you CSR – Sustainability Reporting, based on any of the following reporting frameworks:

  • GRI
  • ISO 26000
  • UN Global Combat


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